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NanoPrint™ LM60 Microarrayer Maximize

NanoPrint™ LM60 Microarrayer

NanoPrint™ Microarrayer LM60 enterprise level industrial microarray manufacturing system with linear drives and WARP1 controllers on all three axes for sub-micron positional control. Each system is equipped with Arrayit’s patented contact printing technology, full environmental control and highly intuitive software GUI.

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The standard LM60 worktable prints from 384-well microplates using 48 pins onto 60 glass substrates.




Intuitive and Graphic Windows 2000 or Windows XP User Interface

User Management

Password protected access levels for User, Manager and Administrator

Data Files

Both import and export of data files compatible with all current microarray detection instruments

Version Control

Complete tracking of all methods, version and backups

Automatic Method Validation

Automatically validates for compatible method parameters

Sample and printing Views

Each available in real-time during operation

Method Creation Wizard

Only minimal information required to create microarray printing protocols

Simulation Mode

Pre-test print methods in software prior to running programs


Microarray design, pin configuration, worktable layout, source and destination type, offsets, speed profiles, wash/dry parameters and pre-print locations


Size (L x W x H, cm)

LM60 (110 x 85 x 56 cm), LM210 (164 x 85 x 56 cm)

Weight (kilograms)

LM60 (150 kg), LM210 (200 kg)

Positional resolution

500 nanometers using linear drive Warp1 control

Printing speed

48 spots per second or 192 Spots second using “192” Series Pins and Printheads.


Microarray substrates, glass slides, microplates, custom

Printing technology

Arrayit Pro, 946 or Stealth pins and printheads

Number of pins

Configurable 1 to 48 at 4.5 mm centers or 1 to 192 at 2.25mm

Spot diameter

65 microns or larger to meet all applications

Minimum spot spacing

50 microns


User definable

Wash/Dry station

Ultrasonic with 2 wash positions and a dry station

Number of microplates

Three standard 384-well, customizable

Number of substrates

60 substrate slides (LM60) or 210 substrate slides (LM210)

Number of microplates

15 96-well microplates (LM60) or 45 96-well microplates (LM210)

Microplate type

96-well or 384-well microplates

Microplate cooling

Cool 1-3 microplates, for protein microarray applications, or use the refrigerated stacker for higher throughput and hands free automation.

Environmental control

Fully enclosed, HEPA filtration and user-defined humidity control