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Seznam produktů výrobce Xenometrix

Xenometrix was founded by Nicole Weiland-Jäggi, PhD and Christian Hodel, MD and Pharmacologist, in June 1995 in Allschwil, Switzerland. Since then other scientists, specialized in the field of Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Immunology have joined the company. A worldwide network of distributors has been established as well as a network for service analytics under GLP and non GLP conditions.
Our vision is excellence in quality and service for bioassays like the Ames test, the endocrine disruptor assays, reconstructed epidermal and epithelial tissues, ex vivo skin or cytotoxicity test systems. Xenometrix products are made for the use in molecular pharmacology, early stages of drug discovery, screening of chemical, cosmetic, alimentary or agrochemical compounds and for testing environmental water, soil, air or effluents.

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produktů na stránce