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  • Auxiliary Reagents

    Auxiliary Reagents are the Buffers and Solutions that are prepared for the Quality Control of pharmaceutical preparations according to the EU Pharmacopoeia.

  • Calibrators & Controls

    The Calibrators and Controls are Quality Controlled human calibration plasmas and control plasmas which are lyophilized. These products include the Certificate(s) of Analysis with specific target values.

  • Chromogenic & Fluorogenic Substrates

    Chromogenic substrates are for the measurement of proteolytic enzyme activity that is measured by the formation of a yellow color.

  • Deficient and Inhibitor Plasmas

    Deficient Plasmas are Affinity purified human plasmas. Each product is deficient of a specific coagulation factor or of other hemostasis proteins.

  • Antibodies

    Coagulation, Hemostasis and Thrombosis related antibodies in various formats: monoclonal; polyclonal whole (purified) IgG, Affinity Purified IgG, HRP conjugated, FITC conjugated or Biotin conjugated.

  • Proteins & Enzymes

    Proteins & Enzymes include several coagulation and fibrinolysis proteins and enzymes.

  • Testkits

    Ready to use testkits for the measurement of specialty coagulation proteins for IVD, Research or Quality Control use.

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